SilverSingles Review

Silver Singles Dating Site Review

  • Exclusively for dating 50-and-over.
  • Memberbase that's expanding fast.
  • Real and authentic connections.
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Why Join Silver Singles in 2019?

Whether you're new to online dating... or have been having a go at it for years... is an exclusive dating site for those over age 50. It is never to late to find love and no matter what your preference, this site has singles looking for the same. Let us help you explore the site and choose the options best for you.
SilverSingles is an excellent online dating site, and with the 50+ crowd being the most rapidly growing group in the dating scene, you want nothing less than the best. This site offers the possibility of real and authentic connections, with membership options based on what you want out of your experience.

Pro tips: setting up your dating profile

Setting up your profile – first impressions count! This is not the time to pull out your college photos or pictures of you and your friends. Your profile picture should be you, alone, in natural light if possible. Bonus points for looking happy, doing something you love.

Your profile should be a balanced, HONEST portrayal of who you are. Make sure the top three things you find most important are included. (it’s OK if you make a list beforehand to really look at what those things are.) Example: If a family is a deal breaker, say so up front. If you absolutely do not fly, not only is that an interesting fact, it may mean you don’t match with someone 3000 miles away who also does not fly. Be interesting, be honest, be you! 

Online dating is the new normal.

Online dating is the new normal, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to take the first step. SilverSingles tries to take their industry leading dating experience and make it as easy and accessible as possible. You can use their app from a smartphone or tablet, you’re assured a mature audience, and compatible matches through their personality matching and the site is organized and user-friendly. If you are age 50 or older, looking for a relationship and want to see how online dating can work for you, this is where you’ll want to be. Dating Website Pricing

According to CNBC, the average Baby Boomer (born before 1964) has $24,280 in savings….

But we’re fortunate that that’s not the price of Silver Singles.

It’s not even 1/10th of that, $2,428. It’s way cheaper!





What you get

12 months of premium membership. Which means 12 months of [benefit, in a stand out way].

6 months of premium membership. Which means 6 months of [benefit, in a stand out way].

3 months of premium membership. Which means 3 months of [benefit, in a stand out way].

Make real and authentic connections with 50-and-over people.

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