The Top Senior Dating Sites Of 2019 | Make Dating Great Again!

We’ve reviewed the best online websites for people with the age of 50 and up (seniors) and have them neatly organized, based on:

  1. What makes this site special.
  2. Reliability, and ease of use.

The top over-50 online dating sites (breakdown)









Silver Singles 

Our Time 


Elite Singles


Christian Mingle

What makes this site special?

Small enough to fly ‘under the radar’. 

LOTS of active senior members.

This site has been around longer than any of the other ones. 

Educated, bright, active memberbase. 

Streamlines your online dating in the best possible way. 

A God-centric site with a healthy base of seniors.

Silver Singles

This is the logo of online dating website Silver Singles

SilverSingles goes way back, to being founded in 2002! That was when the Winter Olympic games opened in Salt Lake City. And it was the year that the Euro made its entrance!

What excites us about SilverSingles is that they’ve got thousands of senior daters all across English speaking countries, and some great tools to support you. That, plus a reliable reputation.

Types of relationships you can find on SilverSingles: From casual dates or friendships to fresh relationships.

How their matching systems works: You can search by age, location, education, religion, and more.

Join here.

This is the logo for the datingsite has a LOT of active members. With the 50 and over crowd looking for friendships, dates, and/or a relationship, you’ll have plenty of opportunities! Plus it’ll only take you a minute or 2 to sign up.

Types of relationships you can find on Dates, and /or a relationship.

How their matching systems works: You can search for other people by zipcode, and more.

Join here. has been around longer than any other dating site (1995!). 
And because of that, it’s built the reputation of being succesful amongst people looking for dates, friendships, and /or a relationship. 

How about this for a reputationbuilder; Amber and Chris’ success story:


Amber and Chris were BOTH hesitant to join…
But they went from reluctant to join… to happier than they’ve ever been.

Amber: “I’d tried online dating, I’d tried blind dates, and it really started to feel like maybe it just wasn’t meant to happen for me. That’s when I met Chris. He’s brilliant, although I could live without him SNORING in bed…”

Chris: “I was the same, going back online really felt like a last-ditch attempt, and I nearly ruined it by messaging Amber about my broken boiler during our first chats…hardly interesting! Somehow she managed to see through the banality of our first chats, and we’ve now been together eight months, and I’ve never been happier.”

Types of relationships you’ll find on Relationships, dates, and/or friends.

How their matching system works: Browse by zip code, age, looks, and more…

Join here.

Elite Singles

EliteSingles caters to an educated group of people. And if a knowledgeable partner is your thing, you’ll be licking your chops!

Here’s why:

More than 80% of EliteSingles-members hold either a bachelor, master’s, and / or doctorate degree. That, combined with the fact that they’ve handbuilt a 200 question deep-dive personality test..

Makes it a great site you’re looking for a brighter than average partner.

Types of relationships: Mostly serious relationships.

How their matching systems works: Search for people, and/or receive potential partner suggestions.

Join here.


This is eharmony's logo

eHarmony’s site matches you with people who have a similar vision for the future. That’s because eHarmony is built on a sophisticated matching system. But don’t worry, that’s behind the scenes.

And the good news is that eHarmony is bent on streamlining YOUR dating process.

Types of relationships: From casual dates to longlasting relationships.

Join here.


This is ChristianMingle's logo

ChristianMingle is a God-centric website, with a healthy base of seniors looking for a Christian partner!

This website is easy to use, and affordable.

Types of relationships: Dating, and serious relationships, amongst Christians.

How their matching systems works: You can search by gender, age, education level, and more.

Join ChristianMingle here.

Researching and reviewing each dating site

Whether you're new to online dating... or have been having a go at it for years...

One of the priorities we have is helping folks like you have a go at online dating. This is the reason why it’s vital for us to research and review each of the sites we recommend.

Ease of Use

Everyone prefers an easy to use website over a complicated one, right? The sites that we listed here are user-friendly, and mostly stress-free! I say mostly because some people might experience a short learning curve. Just like the one you might encouter when learning something new, but exciting! But, once you’re on your way, it feels a lot more natural.

Is there a free trial for single seniors?

A free trial is nice, if you want to get your feet wet. And most of these senior dating sites have free trial options. There’s differences in what you can do during a free trial though. But with most, you can try the whole 9 yards.

Potential for Meeting Great People & Going on Dates

The reputation of each site plays a key role, and each recommended site has an excellent reputation for creating millions (or more) auspicious dates, relationships and marriages.

Online safety for single seniors looking for a partner

With our picks, you won’t have to worry. That’s because:

  1. We vetted them based on the amount of active members.
  2. We vetted them based on their positive history.
  3. We vetted them based on their security safety protocols. (Without getting to technical, that basically means there’s a lot of smart IT people working behind the scenes to ensure your information is safe).

Scroll back to the top to take another look at the comparison table. And find the right site for you!

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