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Here’s their story:

  • Donna (61) and Rich (67) weren’t strangers to love.
  • They had both been married, and Donna tried multiple sites before finding OurTime.
  • Rich was a widower, and it took him 2.5 years to take a next step.
  • Rich sent Donna a ‘flirt’ via OurTime, just two weeks before her subscription ran out! And Donna ran with it. In her words: “What the heck”
  • They were both nervous on their first date, but set up a second date anyway.
  • In between their first and second date, they spoke on the phone, every night. And they got to know eachothers’ personalities.
  • By the third date they were holding hands, and three months into it they’re as happy as they can be!

In Donna’s words:

“My advice for anyone searching is to keep looking and don’t give up! I would’ve never seen Rich flirt at me if I had quit, and that makes me so sad to think about.” We try to live in the now. All we know is we’re happiest when we’re together and feel truly blessed we found each other!”

What Makes This OurTime.com Online Dating Site Special?

With OurTime.com you can send flirts to show interest. Just like Rich did with Donna. And look how exciting that turned out!

It’s a great ice-breaker, and it’s discreet. You know what people say.. “if you don’t shoot, you don’t score” right?

Online Dating At OurTime

Exciting Events To Look Forward To, As A Paying Member

  • Promote Me: OurTime promotes your profile to the top of their search results – which gives you more of that proper attention.
  • Notify Me: get a notification when a specific user you fancy logs in.
  • Instant Messaging / live chat.
  • ConnectMe: mask your personal phone number, but still be able to phone / text other users.

The Signup

  • It takes about a minute to complete.
  • Select your sexual orientation.
  • Select your country, zipcode, and create a username.
  • Upload a profile picture and write your bio.
  • Select an icebreaker that describes your hobbies and passions.
  • Browse through 10 profiles and select those you like – doing so will help the site understand what you’re looking for.
  • Opt for your paid account, because that unlocks all of the goodies.

The Login (After The Signup)

  • That’s simple as can be.
  • Enter your email address and password.

Looking For Other Members And Interacting

  • The site’s main sections are the inbox, your connections, who you like, and the search function.
  • The homepage feels like it gives you access to a massive waterfall of potential matches.
  • You can filter your search by ethnicity, Zodiac sign, and more!
  • And you receive about 10 handpicked matches, daily!


When we were browsing the internet for a service like OurTime (before we found OurTime), we came across a great site… with a cost of $15,000 per year!

So we kept looking… and came across OurTime.com.

Luckily their prices aren’t in the $15,000 range. Not even 1/10th of that! Their prices are a LOT cheaper!

OurTime.com dating website pricing, which package to choose.





What you'll get

6 months of premium membership. Which means that you’ll get featured on the app, for 365 days. 

3 months of premium membership. Which means that you’ll get featured on the app, for 365 days.

1 month of premium membership. Which means that you’ll get featured on the app, for 365 days.

Join Our Time here.

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