KoreanCupid Review

KoreanCupid.com Review 2019

  • One of the most popular Korean niches dating sites and a strict verification process makes for great authentic profiles!


Instantly translate messages.

Verification process ensures authentic profiles!

No distracting pop-ups. 


Basic lay-out (nothing fancy). 

No mobile app for iOS.

Compared to other sites, there aren’t many people online. 

The Review Preface

Over 500,000 members, about 1,000 daily logins!

KoreanCupid caters specifically to Western men interested in dating Korean women. That being said, there is a diverse group of people available on this site. There are also people from other countries. That’s because there are also Western women looking for Korean men!

With over half a million users worldwide and the majority of users from Korean descent, there are a lot of options for love or friendships at KoreanCupid.com! And how can one know what the other person is interested in? simple: look at what’s written in the About Me section.

The Thorough Review

What are the ages likes in general?

Most of the members are in the 25-54 age range, and most are living in Korea or in the US. Yet there are a handful of individuals who are neither Korean nor live in the US. Basically, people that are interested in meeting Korean people. If that’s you, then great! You’ll stand out!

Signing up to this dating site

Signing up is quick and easy because you can use either email or Facebook to register a new account! Just fill out necessary information like your first name, age, gender, and what you’re looking for. Want a hint on standing out from the crowd?

Hint: upload a valid ID and get a verified account! Because realistically speaking, people like that more.

Messaging other members on this website

On KoreanCupid you can send hearts to people who pique your interest. And reply to messages for free. But initiating messages are only for premium account holders. That means that you’ll have to invest a price to start contact as any person who’d like to go on a date should. More on the price later on. Because just browsing isn’t necessarily going to lead to what you want.

What are the people like?

The profile information and photos are visible to any and all members. But you have the option to block an individual in the unlikely case you’d like to. The profiles are quite detailed because that’s what people do. They let you have a peek into their life!

Here’s what to expect when visiting a profile:

  • profile photo
  • lifestyle information
  • cultural values of that person
  • hobbies and interests
  • a green verified badge if they are verified!

Does KoreanCupid have an app, and what is it like?

The app is similar to the website. It’s easy to navigate and use, but it’s not available on iOS currently. Here’s some basic actions that you can take via the app:

  • Read/send messages
  • Search
  • Visit/edit your profile
  • Change settings

Review by one of our actual users.

“After I went to Korea last year, I couldn’t stop thinking about the great time I had over there. While I was there, I saw a lot of pretty Korean women walking the city streets. But as a non-Korean man, I figured they’d find me creepy if I were to approach them in broad daylight. After I got home to the States, I found out about KoreanCupid, and that’s when I signed up for the platinum package. I didn’t have to approach these beautiful women in broad daylight, not knowing whether or not they’d want to talk to me. I could now log in, and chat with women who were potentially open for a date! So far I’m having a blast. And I’m surprised at the level of English some of the women speak. It’s almost Harvard level English! I’m hoping to make a lot of Korean friends for the next time I visit their country. I’d like a local tour!” – Luke, 30, Tourguide

The Reason People Join KoreanCupid.com in 2019

Whether you're new to online dating... or have been having a go at it for years...

People just don’t want to be alone anymore. They’re actively looking for their soulmate.

Is there a catch?

Yes – there are two. 

  1. Communicating with all types of members (free, gold and platinum) requires you to upgrade your membership level. That’s because that shows an extra level of commitment to finding a date.

  2. If you’re going to upgrade, go for their Platinum package. That’s because it unlocks all the available doors for you. Some people don’t know to upgrade to the Platinum package and become disappointed when they upgrade to a Gold option. Don’t be one of those people. You can upgrade to the Platinum package and rank above other members, double your profile views, and get advanced matching options.

KoreanCupid Dating Website - Prices

If you’re a Westener looking for a Korean partner, then chances are that one of you will fly across the world to meet the other one. And that’s an exciting time to look forward to, because who doesn’t like a bit of love-related-travel! But travel can be expensive. We’re talking about $3000,- for a business class flight. Even the cheaper flights will cost you about $700,-. But KoreanCupid.com is not that expensive. It’s actually cheap! Here are the prices.



Platinum Package Prices

$149.99 for 12 months. 

$69.98 for 3 months. 

$34.99 for 1 month. 

Gold Package Prices

$119.98 for 12 months. 

$59.99 for 3 months. 

$29.98 for 1 month. 

Reviews from the web

"Thank you. Ezra and I found each other back in June and have officially been dating since we met in person on July 4th. Long distance is a bit of a struggle for the time being, but that will all change in the next couple of months. We look forward to our wonderful future together."
Khrystina and Ezra
"Thanks, KoreanCupid.com! We are complete together! I met my husband, Luis Saldierna, Jr., through this site. We recently got married and plan to have a beautiful ceremony in the future next spring after saving some money to prepare for it. Thanks, KoreanCupid.com! We are complete together!"
Eunhye and Luis Saldierna
"She is the perfect girl! I met her in Korea last winter, for the first time in real and was amazing !!! From that time, we talk every day, every time! She is the perfect girl! I'm so happy! I hope she will come soon in swiss with me! Thank you koreancupid because of you I met the best girl ever! Marc"
"First of all, I would like to thank God for bringing us together. We met each other thru this site more than a year ago. After many emails and Skyping, we finally met in person, and things got just better after that. Now I am married to that girl and living a wonderful life. Thank you, Koreancupid.com :D"
"In early 2011 a Korean friend of mine suggested Korean matchmakers or this site, Korean Cupid. I took a look, and with some hesitance, I enrolled. Within three months I met some nice people to exchange email and chat with, and there were some I was not destined to meet. However, all of that changed when I met my girlfriend of one year on Korean Cupid. Through the site, we got to know each other, and that led itself to the natural progression of eventually speaking on the phone and then meeting. The results are pure love and a fondness for each other. We're talking marriage, we're talking a family, and we grew the relationship to where we live quite happily together. I am thankful to timing, circumstance, Korean Cupid and God for this great fortune that I have by my side."

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