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Jewish Cafe


Elite Singles

Our Time

Single Parent Meet

What makes this site special?

Offline events, and a Secret Admirer function.

Quickmatch, and free full access for two weeks.

Old-school, no gimmicks, straight up chat.

Mostly attracts higher educated and busy people.

For 50-and-over, icebreaker questions on profile! 

Built for single parents, empathetic community. 

Jewish Dating Site Review (Breakdown)

1. Jdate

Large website for finding Jewish singles. And here’s other some cool things:

  • They host offline events for singles!
  • There’s a search function, chat rooms, forums, and a potential match feature.
  • Is your time scarce? Then how about the Secret Admirer function? With that, you give thumbs up/down on lots of profiles. And when there are mutual thumbs up, the site provides the both of you a notification.

Join Jdate here.

2. JewishCafe

JewishCafe has the feel of going on a coffee date, in a quiet but cozy cafe.

The menu is a bit complex, but they do offer a full-access-to-all-features-pass with free membership. There is a two-week time limit on that pass though!

Exciting things to note:

  • Quickmatch pairs you up with members that are nearby
  • The site give you a cozy and safe feel
  • The “News” feature keeps active members in the loop of any offline single-and-ready-to-mingle events

Join JewishCafe here.

3. eHarmony

This is eharmony's logo

eHarmony stands about because this site is all about members communicating with eachother. And they go to great lenghts to help you out with that.

They have a unique guided communication option, where you can learn about other members in-depth.

That’s because the site’s focus is on compatibility!

There’s no gimmicks or trend setting on eHarmony, just old school chat, and that’s great if you’re a no-fuss type of person!

Join eHarmony here.

4. Elite Singles

If you’re looking for a serious relationship with a busy professional, then this is the website you might want to use. There’s a very detailed matching system, working behind the scenes, scanning and matching based on 29 unique character traits. And that’s a lot!

Here’s some things you might enjoy about EliteSingles:

  • Similarities between you and other others are highlighted, which makes the first one or two topics you can talk about easier!
  • There’s no lenghty sign-up process
  • Attracts the ‘elite’ / higher educated

Join Elite Singles here.

5. Our Time

This is the logo for the datingsite

OurTime attracts a 50-and-over crowd, so if you’re in that age range and feel compelled, read on!

Whether you’re looking for a pen pal, a travel partner, or a serious relationship (or marriage), OurTime is a great place to start. Here’s why:

  • You’ll have access to handpicked daily matches.
  • It’s like, but for a more senior age group.
  • You can send digital gifts to woo your significant other.
  • You’ll get first-message-ideas on each profile, to break the ice!

Join Our Time here.

6. Single Parent Meet

Mingle with other single parents, and find a community where others understand where you’re coming from. This site is built for singles with one or more kids, so the sign-up is quick, it’s easy to navigate the site itself, and it’s easy to get to know other members.

Join Single Parent Meet here.

Whether you're new to online dating... or have been having a go at it for years...

Why Join One Of These (Or Any Other) Online Dating Sites Sooner, Rather Than Later

1. Excitement. Mystery. Intrigue. All this is waiting at the click of your mouse. Why wait, when you could be one step closer to finding your special someone. Online sites like JDate and JewishCafe have thousands of likeminded individuals just waiting for you to make the first move!

2. Sure Aunt Ida can set you up with someone who may or may not be your third cousin once removed, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid the mystery date and actually know something about the person you are meeting? Online dating is safe, fun, and with the free trial that most sites offer, it’s risk free. Why make excuses at the next family party, when you could be introducing your new partner!

3. Not ready for the deep end? If it has been a while since you found yourself in the market for a life partner, a date or even a new friend, the idea of putting yourself out there can be scary. Online dating is a great way to dip your toe in the water without having to rush to go all in. Browse profiles, chat, receive messages and see what your options are at your own pace. You can get to know someone before meeting them and really build a solid foundation, slowly. Sites like eHarmony, EliteSingles, SingleParentMeet, and OurTime have thousands of people sharing the very same fear. Help someone else by taking that first step, and you may find yourself reaping the benefits of your kindness.

4. It’s time to find a new circle. Careers, kids, routines, all sorts of things can limit your social circle, and it often 
happens that people find themselves surrounded by a wealth of unavailable people. Being the only unattached person in couple’s country is tough, but sometimes commitments keep you from being able to find places where you might meet new, similarly unmarried people. Stop wasting time being the third wheel and take the wheel instead! Online dating is a great way to open yourself to the largest pool of candidates with similar values, hopes, faith and desire to share their lives. Continuing to do the same things, you have been doing will yield the same results. Take a dating site out for a spin and see how you can add value to your everyday.

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